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10-12 July 2024

Ho Chi Minh SKYEXPO Convention Center

2024 Vietnam
International City Lighting Smart Lighting Expo

Concurrent Event: 2024 Ho Chi Minh City Solar PV and Energy Storage Exhibition

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Why Visit or Join Our Exhibition

Venturing into Vietnam: Tapping into ASEAN's Hottest Market

By joining this exhibition, you’ll get the inside scoop on the latest lighting products and technology trends, supercharging your business growth.

Benefits from Government Project Support

The Vietnamese government is actively promoting the use of LED lighting through two major initiatives: the Vietnam Energy Efficient Public Lighting Project (VEEPL) and the Vietnam National Energy Efficiency Program (VNEEP). These projects aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, with a target of achieving 100% LED street light adoption by 2025.

Seize Lucrative Market Access Opportunities

Thanks to its prime location and business-friendly atmosphere, Vietnam welcomes joint ventures, cooperative projects, and sole investments. This paves the way for you to expand your business, find new customers, and stay ahead of market trends.

Engage in Deep, Mutually Beneficial Interactions

Connect with industry leaders, professionals, and potential partners, sharing experiences and propelling business growth. You can also immerse yourself in innovative products and solutions, offering your customers the best choices.

Tremendous Urbanization Dividend Potential

Tremendous Urbanization Dividend Potential In 2022, Vietnam's urbanization rate reached 41.7% (a year-on-year increase of 1.2%) and is expected to exceed 50% by 2030. In 2023, the Vietnamese LED lighting market was valued at $692.9 million. According to IMARC, this market is projected to reach $1.2008 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2024 to 2032.

Harness Highly Competitive Low-Cost Labor

As of late 2023, Vietnam's 100.3 million-strong population boasts an average age of around 30. With workers earning an average monthly income of $700, Hanoi's vicinity sees about $600, while Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas reach $700. This youthful demographic and rising income levels indicate a vibrant consumer landscape, marked by strong purchasing power and active spending habits.

Capitalizing on Tight Trade Bonds with China

In the first 10 months of 2023, Vietnam-China trade reached nearly $140 billion. China is Vietnam's largest trading partner, representing 24.88% of total trade volume. It's Vietnam's top importer and second-largest exporter, accounting for 32.8% of Vietnam's total imports worldwide. Key imports include LED lighting, computers, electronic products, machinery, tools, mobile phones, and wires.

Fast-track to grow with industry leaders – don't miss out!

Journey with High-Quality Lighting Products Enterprises


A Vietnam-based lighting manufacturer, established in 1995, renowned domestically with a significant market share.


A long-standing Vietnamese lighting enterprise founded in 1995, recognized nationwide with the most influence in the southern region.


Established in 2003, a prominent comprehensive lighting enterprise in Vietnam, operating nationally with chain stores across the country.

A Vietnamese lighting manufacturer, established in 1995, well-known domestically with a considerable market share.


A prominent local e-commerce platform in Vietnam, offering various products including lighting fixtures, leading the domestic e-commerce market.


A large-scale engineering contracting and building materials conglomerate in Vietnam, specializing in engineering lighting and landscape illumination, a leading engineering integrator domestically.


TKV Lighting Solutions Company, a major player in large-scale lighting engineering projects in Vietnam, specializing in various types of engineering lighting and landscape illumination.


A subsidiary of a multinational lighting corporation based in the Netherlands, with significant influence in Vietnam's high-end lighting market.

Rang Dang

A Vietnamese LED lighting manufacturer, specializing in LED fixtures, engineering lighting, among others, recognized as a mid-sized LED brand domestically.

An awe-inspiring, comprehensive array of products & solutions - everything you need!

Top Ten Lighting Fixture Series Available for Your Selection, Catering to Various Needs!

Residential Lighting

Ceiling Lights, Aluminum Lights, Chandeliers, Fabric Lights, Bathroom Heater Lights, Crystal Lights, Table Lamps, Wall Lights, Craft Lights, Children’s Lights, Pendant Lights, LED Panel Lights, Floor Lamps, Integrated Ceiling Lighting, etc.

Commercial Lighting

Lamp Cups, Emergency Lights, Grid Lights, LED Strips, Ceiling Lights, Track Lights, Metal Halide Lights, Downlights, LED Point Light Sources, Stage Lights, Spotlights, Fluorescent Lights, Light Strings, LED Guardrail Tubes, Spotlights, Various Lighting Fixtures, etc.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lights, Solar Street Lights, Garden Lights, Lawn Lights, Plant Simulation Lights, Courtyard Lights, Street Lights, Road Lights, Underwater Lights, etc.

Urban Landscape Lighting

Stadium Lighting, Festival Decorative Lighting, Advertising Decorative Lighting, Fence Lights, Explosion-proof Lights, Moisture-proof Lights, etc.

Green Lighting

Solar Technology Products (Solar Panels, Power Supplies, Control Systems), Wind Energy Lighting Products, Urban Lighting Monitoring Management Systems, Urban Lighting Energy-saving Products.

Electrical Accessories

Bulbs, Candle Bulbs, Flashlights, Energy-saving Lamps, Light Bulbs, Electrical Appliances, T4/T5/T8 Brackets, Hardware Fittings, LED Fittings Tools, Sockets, Plugs, etc.

LED Components and Materials

LED Chips, Epitaxial Wafers, LED Phosphors, Silicone, Substrates, etc.

LED Packaging/Modules

Piranhas, LED Lamps, Digital Tubes, Dot Matrix LED, Integrated LED, SMD LED, High-power LED, etc.

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